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Windex with a jewel bearing suspension to indicate with the maximum precision the wind direction. Complete with reference tabs visible from anywhere on deck and set at the proper angle. It responds quickly and accurately at wind speeds as low as 0,1 m/s - tested in wind tunnels at speeds up to 140 Km/h. Packed in an attractive after-sales-box.

  • WINDEX Dinghy

The WINDEX Dinghy is designed for dinghys and smaller sailing boats with the WINDEX quick release attached on the side of the mast. The quick release system allows easy removal of the WINDEX Dinghy without using any tools.

Dinghy Model
Screws onto the side of the mast
Quick release from mast fitting
Length 10 inches / 25cm
Sapphire jewel suspension
Weight 38gw


  • The WINDEX 10 - For Smaller Keelboats

The WINDEX 10 was designed as smaller version of the famous WINDEX 15, which has sold more than one million copies worldwide. The WINDEX 10 is suitable for family or racing sailing boats with mast heights up to 8-9 meters (25-30 feet). Although this is smaller model it retains the famous and superior Sapphire suspension technology, which make is possible to recognize changes in the wind direction as small as one degree. Like all WINDEX models it is extremely sturdy in all wind conditions and it has been wind tunnel tested in speeds up to 80 knots!

Length 10 inches/25 cm
Sapphire jewel suspension
Weight 38g
Reflective surfaces on vane tabs
 Can be fitted with WINDEX Light
  • WINDEX 15 is the perfect choice for all cruising and racing boats from approximately 29 feet (8.8 meters) to 40-50 feet.

WINDEX Wind Direction Indicators offer exceptional performance at the best value of any wind indicator worldwide. The secret is the sapphire jewel suspension bearing allowing the Windex 15 to seek relative wind direction in winds as little as 2/10th's of a knot. It also features a large fin - low inertia vane and easy-to-read, fully adjustable tacking tab system. Reflector tape on the vane and tacking tabs make WINDEX 15 easy to see day and night. WINDEX vanes are sturdy and when installed properly, offer many years of use. They have been wind tunnel tested to wind speeds of 80 knots!

Ocean racing and cruising standard model
Length 15 inches/38 cm
Sapphire jewel suspension
Reflective markers on vane
Can be fitted with Windex light
Weight 111g

The WINDEX 15 has a 15" (38 cm) vane. Includes through-bolt or drill and tap mounting socket; 5/16" -18 stainless stud, washers and nut. Stands 12.75" (32 cm) tall and weighs just 3.9 ounces (111 g).

  • WINDEXL is the latest variant of the world famous WINDEX product range that is seen on hundreds of thousands of sailing boats around the world. At 23 inches the new WINDEXL is one and half times the size of the WINDEX 15, and is the largest of the current models.

The WINDEXL has come about due to an increasing demand from larger yachts and is recommended for masts 17-30 meters (55 to 100 feet).  Recently built sailboats have grown steadily larger and their masts increasingly taller. The new, larger WINDEXL model is designed for these yachts. In the last few decades, for example, virtually all of the single hull yachts in the America’s Cup – Volvo Ocean race have been equipped with a WINDEX.

Ocean racing and Cruising model for large yachts
Length 23 inches/58 cm
Sapphire jewel suspension
Reflective markers on vane
Can be fitted with Windex light
Weight 160 grams