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SEATRON GT - Complete set

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Stylish, sporty and comfortable!
Our medium to high volume multi-day sea kayak for medium to larger paddlers.

Made primarily for extensive open water crossings, surfing waves and long multiday trips with all you need. The SEATRON GT (Grand tourer) has high stability with high maneuverability, especially during rough conditions at sea.

Its modern shaped, progressive hull with a medium rocker profile enables you to both paddle fast and straight or move the kayak on the edge by using your weight. It surfs with following waves well as you paddle and is effortless to control.

The SEATRON GT keeps its excellent characteristics also when fully loaded for multiday trips.

Larger paddlers will love the well-spaced foot space / leg room and the comfort from all the finer details made in this kayak.

PE at its best! Our blowmolded HTP kayaks are stiffer, lighter and less susceptible to abrasion. HTP-kayaks have clear advantages regarding form stability, abrasion and boat weight. On top of that, HTP is very environmentally friendly.

All SEATRON GTs are Made in Germany.

Additional Features:

  • Low profile back deck and backwards extended cockpit rim for easy rolling and re-entry
  • Well designed and improved legroom for comfortable sitting also during extended trips
  • High volume bow with pronounced rocker lets the kayak run dry and safe through and above the waves
  • Additional third rear bulkhead with click on rubber hatch. 

As complete set with third hatch, Luxus rudder and spraydeck off your choice.