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Suzuki DF8

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The Suzuki DF8 outboard engine is one of two very similar engines in the Suzuki range, the DF8 and the DF9.9.

The standard Suzuki DF8 is steered and controlled by the tiller handle and it is a manual pull start engine. There a simple lever-operated system for forward and reverse gears. There are then also available Suzuki DF8 model options for a longer shaft, electric start and remote control.

The small built-in fuel tank is a coupling for the (supplied) 12 litre fuel tank to give a longer range on this 8hp outboard. The DF8 is a manual tilt engine. The Suzuki DF8 range of outboards weigh in at between 40 and 43kg, depending on the exact model of 8hp engine and its features.

Suzuki DF8 - Four Different Models

There are four different models of the Suzuki DF8, one short shaft (S) and three long (L) shaft versions. These are either the manual or electric start version or remote steering models.

  • DF8AS - tiller steering, manual start, short shaft- 40kg
  • DF8AL - tiller steering, manual start, long shaft- 42kg
  • DF8AEL – tiller steering, electric start, long shaft - 45kg
  • DF8ARL- remote steering, long shaft - 43.5kg

Please note that the electric start version of the DF8 requires a battery (not supplied).The DF8 (R) models are remotely controlled. Please note that the remote control require a separate steering system (steering is not supplied).