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Haswing Osapian Protruar 2 PK - 24V

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The Haswing Protruar is equipped with a brush-less 2HP 24Volt motor and is excellent for the propulsion of a wide range of boats and waterways . 
This powerful motor is equipped with step-less adjustable .

Speed control and a safety lanyard .The motor can easily be tited in and out of the water and the trim height is adjustable by way of a quick lock ,so you can motor in virtually any water. 
And as added safety feature ,the Haswing Protruar is equipped with an auto propeller cut-out in the event of a collision . 
The Haswing Protruar models also features an LED battery level indicator. Suitable for both salt and fresh water.

Voltage--Rate/Max: DC 24V
Depth Adjustment: Depth Collar
Max Thrust: 100 pound
Prop Type Size: 3 Blade Prop/ 11.8 inch
Battery Type: 2 X 105AH deep cycle
Max Boat Load: 5000LBS
Power-Rated/Max: 1120W/1200W
Decibel Level: 65DB
Shaft Length: 38.5inch/980mm
Net Weight: 18LBS