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Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina SUP Nuts 10'6"

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Our NUTS board is the perfect all-around board for first-time paddlers who want less fuss and more enjoyable water fun anywhere with their family, friends or pets. The 32” width makes the NUTS extremely stable, and the good compromise of width-length ratio makes it combine fast gliding and easy maneuverability. Constructed of Aqua Marina’s Double Layer Technology, NUTS blends excellent rigidity and cruising safety.

  • MODEL : NUTS 10’6″
  • LENGTH : 10‘6″ / 320cm
  • WIDTH : 32″ / 81cm
  • THICKNESS : 6″ / 15cm
  • VOLUME : 300L
  • NET WEIGHT : 20.1lbs / 9.1kg
  • MAX. PAYLOAD : 308lbs / 140kg
  • MAX. AIR PRESSURE : 18psi